My Journey

I was Mathilda. I was the kid that would pick up and read anything she could get her hands on by the age of three, in two different languages.  I was the kid that read every sign she passed looking out the window of her car. I was the kid that was asked how she lived without watching TV and would have to retort back, “The same way you live without reading books.” I grew up immersed in worlds outside my own. Books were my company, words my best friends.

But it was never something of a higher calling that I saw myself doing professionally, or pursuing in my higher education. I was actually a huge Math geek, and wanted to do my Ph. D in the subject since I first knew what that meant. My interest in English as a subject peaked in the 7th grade, due to my teacher. I have always associated my liking of a subject with the teacher teaching the subject, and it so happens that I have mostly had really amazing English teachers. Alas!

I had always loved to read so that came naturally. The writing though, I didn’t start thinking about seriously until much later. I did a lot of creative writing, including assignments for school, and little pieces here and there as well. I even attempted to keep a journal several times in my life, but never kept up with it (I still cannot). But I never thought of writing as something I wanted to do  because I never thought I was any good at it. On top of all that, I come from a space where writing is a hobby, not a profession. It wasn’t until a year and a half of college and a lot of pushing from a lot of people that I actually started to take my writing seriously. That is when I decided I wanted to study English and Creative Writing, and actually be a novelist.

Of course, that wasn’t just gonna happen. I had to go through a series of convincing arguments with my Dad to change my major from Premed to English (don’t ask). So, after a lot courage, hassle, persuasion, and a two year hiatus from college, I am here, doing what I guess I was always meant to do, but took some time to figure out. Hoping for this to a be a memorable and mindful journey. I’m still not sure where this road will lead, but I hope to find a destination along the way.

~ Samiyah T. ~


One thought on “My Journey

  1. Hi Samiyah! I have also always loved reading as well, though writing also came much later. I found that I developed a love for writing after being taught how to write well in my composition classes. I now secretly love research papers. My love for literature also comes from one of my literature teachers in high school. A good teacher can definitely change your entire outlook on a subject.I loved you post and writing style. 🙂

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